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Server name: X1000


    Mu Online Season 18 Part 2 - DiaboloMu News

    New mu online s18 part 2 update

    New update has been added, to play Run launcher or download manual patch HERE and extract over old game client!

    • Fixed game client crash
    • Elite Bloody Beam Knight Elite/Elite Bloody Wolf/Elite Bloody Tantalus drops apocalypse items
    • Elite Magma Gladiator/Elite Magma Hook Elite MagmaShaman gives Wcoins
    • White wizard event Destructive ogre soldier/Destructive ogre archer gives Wcoins


    Server relaunch Monday 11.July

    Server OPEN, new patch added, run launcher or download manual patch HERE and extract over old client!


    Server relaunch, Opening Monday: 11.July!

    Double exp: X2000

    Double reset rewards: 20Wc, 20GP, 2000Ruud per reset!

    Extra giftcodes: /panda /skeleton

    Extra reset rewards

    All characters and items saved, Level and reset has been set back to 0


    There is a data server crash after a few minutes online! We are still waiting for a fix from IGCN, report with the crash issue has been summited to them, but our issue has not been addressed yet!





    DiabloMu Season 18 Part 2 X1000 7.July

    DiabloMu Season 18 Part 2 7.July

    Mu Online Season 18 Part 2 is here! This season patch Part 2 brings a new map Bloodly Tarkan, New apocalypse wepons, new 6th mastery earings of binding and much more!

    Server Opening June!

    Version: Mu Online Season 18 Part 2, New Character Illusion Knight, +full Season 18Part1 Features
    Custom jewels, events, game commands!


    Share the event, get 1000 Wcoins!
    1. Share
    THIS video post on your FB page, must be publicly visible!
    2. On the image, tag 3 friends in the comment section!
    3. Like/follow our FB page!
    After all 3 points are completed, send your account name to get Wcoins!



    Experience: X1000
    Max stats: 32000
    Master PPL: 3
    Majestic PPPL: 3


    Resets: 400lvl in game: /reset
    Reset Stats: Burns 500Points per reset
    Reset reward: 10Wcoins, 10Goblin Points, 1000 RUUUD
    StarterGift: Small wings + Exc weapon +Starter Penta + Bound Bless Of light 5x

    Extra gift: /startergift Lucky set +Bound Pendant FO

    Quest evolution from 400 and 800reset: /evo


    Extra reset rewards:  to claim type /reset10 /reset50 /reset100

    Reset10: 2nd Wings relic
    Reset50: Ghost Horse
    Reset100: Spider Artifact Box
    Reset150: Rage Earrings +15 Fo Custom Opt
    Reset200: Ice Dragon
    Reset250: New Mount UR
    Reset300: 3rd Wing Relic
    Reset350: Brilliant Orb Mastery
    Reset400: +11 4th Wing Voucher

    Wings relic Guide: HERE


    Mix rates:
    Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
    Life: 70%

    Chaos machine for regular items & Earrings:
    +10, +11 = 100% +12 = 90% +13 = 80% +14 = 75% +15 = 70%
    Errtels/Pentas level up: till +7 =100% +8 = 90% +9 = 80% +10 = 70%



    Extra drop in all maps (add in mu helper):

    Pet Panda, Demon, Pet Unicorn, Pet Skeleton, Spirit of Guardian

    Life Medicine, Mana Medicine, Speed Medicine, Power Medicine, Spell Medicine, Defense Medicine

    Ruud Box (500)

    Miracle Coin
    Spider Artifact Fragment
    Bless of Light (Low Grade)
    Bless of Light (Middle Grade)



    Season 18 Part 2 update includes:


    • Character Renewal, introducing Combat power to Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Slayer classes
    • New Guardian: Ur and Ur (Rare)
    • 6th mastery Earrings: Binding 
    • New Bloody Tarkan map and Bloody Tarkan monsters
    • A new grade of Muuns: Tempest
    • Daily SeasonPass missions and rewards: MU, Gold, Premium Pass, Vouchers and Tickets
    • New Mastery Horn Mixes
    • Renewed Wings Chaos Mix interface
    • Wing Voucher Exchange system
    • Daily characters creation limit
    • Renewed Wings Combinations